Monday, March 20, 2017

Feedback on My Story: Deepbaazigar & Ashwamedh Group

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These are the replies I got from my friends. I am really thankful to them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

KaalSarp, Me and Kids: Trimbakeshwar

  Sometimes you do something only for the sake of keeping words of someone you love dearly. I did the same in the month of May this year. I believe in God but don't believe in rituals. I consider them as the tools by which Brahmin Samaj kept dominating other communities in India and enjoyed absolute power for thousands of year. Still only for the sake of showing respect to my parents I went to Trimbakeshwar where we performed Narayan Bali, Naag Bali and KaalSarp puja. In my Kundali one Pandit from Solapur found KaalSarp Dosha and he suggested my parents to do this Kaalsarp shanti puja in Trimbakeshwar and they agreed.  As per my Kundali 'untimely death' is written in my fate. Delay in marriage, failure in business, poor health were some more reasons why Pandit suggested KaalSarp Dosha Shanti puja for me and we did it. For me it was good religious trip with my family and an opportunity to meet my dear nephews after almost 4 years so I happily accepted it. I loved the Trimbak city and the Brahmagiri mountains around it. We trekked on the hill and took darshan of GangaGodavari aka Ahilya and Brahma temple. In the Hindu Mythology this is the same hill where Gautam rishi did his tapa to please God Shiva and sought a way to clean his sin of GoHatya. Shiva did Tandav Nritya and dashed his Jata to make Ganga flow in the form of Godavari there. 
After Rameshwaram and Ujjain; Trimbakeshwar became the third Jyotirlinga visited by me. Hope lord Shiva invites me at rest of his temples very soon. 
      We went in summer there so temperature was very high. But still company of Golu, Sonu, Junu and Chinmay made my trekking easy. I find climbing Jivdani temple in Virar very difficult I don't know how I climed 750 steps of Brahmagiri hill that day. Ofcouse my legs pained for two consecutive days after that. Anyways after returning from Nasik I started my Trading again. This summer I am busy in teaching Class 10th Maths to Chinmay son of my eldest sister Meenatai. Chinu is good in all the other subjects but very weak in Maths. Therefore I am trying my best to make him understand concepts of the subject in detail. 

Anyways, I will keep writing on this blog whenever I get soe spare time. This Blog has turned into my personal diary with lots of gloomy posts. Lol. Nevertheless  it's always good to write down your feeling somewhere instead of keeping them in your mind all the time.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

1 NGO per 600 people in India

       NGO Boom in India

Today when I came across this news, I felt really bad. If there is 1 NGO per 600 people in India then why there is no improvement in the lives of beneficiaries? How these NGOs run? From where these funds come from and where does the all money go?  

         Can you imagine by the 2014 end above 1 lakh 10 thousands NGOs will exist in Maharashtra alone?  That's horrible. Most of the NGOs aren't even paying service taxes on their income. Cooking their accounts and taking help of corrupt audit inspectors. Trustees of NGOs do not have any rights to misuse money of people, but it seems there is no control over them. From my own experience I've realized that running and NGO becomes really tough as people don't come donate at all. There is less contribution from individuals towards society. They already pay so many taxes that they don't find any point in charity anymore. 

So from where does these NGOs get money?  Builders, Politicians are using NGOs to convert their black money into white. There is rampant corruption in charity commissioner offices itself. Without bribe they even don't move files ahead. There is no fear left as they are not answerable to anyone. In all NGO sector is really very corrupt sector in India. Because of these corrupt NGOs people like us who actually wants to do some good work under NGOs suffer. If the reputation of this sector gets deteriorated, it will affect society really badly. Its time to wake up....We need strict laws against corruption in India as soon as possible.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

One year of Ashwamedh Foundation

Ashwamedh Foundation an NGO in Virar completed ONE year successfully as a Registered Organization (Society) on 29th January 2014.